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Learn Echo of Soul Game Changes on

  • 2018-07-30 12:30:40
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It's thrilling for all soulkeepers that new changes are coming into Echo of Soul. Do you curious about new changes? Do you want to know what will they bring you? This article will answer all your questions.

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The Constellation Shark and its puzzle pieces have been added! The celestial being is available in the new Magic Lamp from the Webshop from July 25th. From the lamp can you get puzzle pieces of the shark, or with a bit of luck, the Constellation Shark itself! 400 puzzle pieces will be needed to put the shark together. Pieces can be swallowed. The puzzle is fit for Soulkeepers age 6 and higher. Each of these Magic Lamps cost 149 AP and will most likely only be available for the time it's special constellation is visible during this Summer. 


- A few missing translations, as well as improvements to some texts, have been added to all three languages.

- Dig Duv has received an update on her quest for the Manta Reef! "No Summer for the baddies" will now be given out with a much better explanation to what should be done to successfully enter the Manta Reef later on! Also all correlating quests to her is adjusted. 

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