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Elsword: Demon Realm "Varnimyr" Details Revealed-

  • 2018-07-12 19:03:37
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The Elsword new dungeon "Varnimyr" is available now. This is a demon's world filled with danger and challenges. It costs the Elsword Search Party several years to find a method to travel to the Demon Realm. Now, you can start your journey and explore this wonderful realm. But before that, you can learn some details from this article.


In Varnimyr, you'll find two new dangerous places called Labyrinth of Ruin and Guardian's Forest. You'll need huge Elsword ED in stock to assure that you can go through these place safely. But farming it in game can be very annoying, you can buy Elsword ED for time saving. As the best Elsword seller, make it fast, cheap and safe to buy it online. We are absolutely trustworthy. Contact us after you read this article. You need to learn these details first.

New Stat- Adaptability

1.DEMON WORLD DEBUFF: Too far to receive protection of the El, the El Search Party will have difficulty maneuvering in the Demon Realm.

2.Adaptability: As the El Search Party adapts to the Demon Realm, they will regain their lost stats.

Mystic Enchant System

The Mystic Enchant System function will be available to Alchemist NPCs in Elysion and Elrianode. When opening the Mystic Enchant window, Mystic Stones and Fusion Disks will have a glow effect in the inventory. Each Mystic Enchant will cost 200,000 Elsword ED.

Weapons that can use Mystic Enchant are: Secret Dungeon Weapons, Heroic Dungeon Weapons, Henir Weapons, Void Weapons, Perkisas Weapons, and Eltrion Weapons. 


1.Bottom areas will be locked. When hovering over it, it will display "only open for special weapons" 

2.Void Weapons will display already applied Fusion Disks in the Mystic Enchant(Energy Fusion Disks can also be used). These weapons can use both Mystic Stones and Energy Fusion Disks.

3.Stages 1 – 15 will be replaced by 5 Stages of each color starting from Red, Blue, then Yellow. Enchants must be applied in this order.

4.Applying a Mystic Stone enchant on the Energy Fusion Disk buff will overwrite the Fusion Disk buff (enchants can be changed).

5.Void Weapons' Title and Stage will change.

That's all you need to learn before you head to the Varnimyr. The more rewards you want, the more Elsword Gold you need. So it's time to visit gold.raiditem to buy it at the cheapest price. We will be so pleased to hear from you.