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Elsworld Update: Two New Varnimyr Dungeons -

  • 2018-07-31 16:38:21
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Varnimyr is the home of the Dark Elves, and players can face some of the most powerful enemies in the game in the Dark Elf's outpost and the Forgotten Elves. KOG Games today launched the second installment of the Varnimyr Dungeon update. Two new dungeons, Dark Elves' Outpost and Forsaken Spirit Asylum. Watch the new trailer on Elsword official website now.


From today to August 7, players can get special rewards. Just log in every day to help them survive in the dangerous demonic kingdom, join daily missions to get mysterious stone fragments and exchange them with Ariel for amazing rewards! You can also join gold.raiditem for cheap and safe Elsword Gold.

The El Search Party cooperates with Chloe to enter the Dark Elves’ Village. However, the Dark Elves refuses to listen, attacking both Chloe and the El Search Party.


07/25/2018 - 08/07/2018 (Ends 23:59 PDT)

Survive the Demon Realm: Login for 20 minutes Once


1st Week: 07/25 - 07/31(Ends 23:59 PDT)

                Nightmare Blindfold (7 Days) x 1

                Dark Elves’ Outpost Dungeon Title Trial Cube x 1

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2nd Week: 08/01 - 08/07(Ends 23:59 PDT)

                 Code of Honor (7 Days) x 1

                 Forsaken Spirit Asylum Dungeon Title Trial Cube x 1

Power Up

Login for 20 minutes DAILY

Reward: Mystic Stone Fragment x 1

Daily Quests

Special Dungeons

Clear Secret Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons or AEFTD once 

Reward: Mystic Stone Fragment x 1

Varnimyr Dungeons

Clear Dark Elves’ Outpost or Forsaken Spirit Asylum once 

Reward: Mystic Stone Fragment x 1

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Exchange your Mystic Stone Fragments through Ariel for awesome rewards!

Material: Mystic Stone Fragment x 1

Mystic Stone Fragment x 3

Reward: Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion x 10

Mystic Stone Random Cube x 1

Every update to Elsworld is a surprise for the player, how to defeat the Dark Elves in the two new Varsimmyr dungeons and survive in the dangerous demonic kingdom is the information the player needs. Therefore, start using Elsword ED in your hands to defeat the powerful Dark Elves and get amazing rewards. If you don't have enough Elsword Gold, take the time to join gold.raiditem to buy Elsword Gold in stock with cheapest price!