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How to Guarantee Elsword ED Traded Under the Secure & Stable Environment

  • 2017-06-28 17:34:58
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After its first release, The Elsword as a 2.5 D action free-to-play MMORPG won a high reputation among fans. Except for the game's type, the most attractive part of it can attribute to the story mode. If you play the game for a long run, you know twelve playable characters is involved. And everyone has unique stories as well as distinct abilities. Though you can play the game freely, you still have a confusion on how to play it better and easier. Certainly, the Elsword ED maintain important all the time. Besides, with the quick guides, you can go further while you are exploring this world.


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Different types of skills are automatically unlocked as a player levels up. The player can also choose skill traits for a skill which grants additional buff like damage increase, mana usage decrease, and anti-mana break skill, with some cost, a sacrifice like cool down skill or mana usage increase. Apart from the Passive and Hyper Actives, others skills are also divided into four types: Flexibility, Tenacity, Strength, and Bravery

Active - requires some mana to activate; mana cost and cooldown is very low but does not do significant damage. Actives may damage an opponent, may help the player's allies, or even restore health or mana. Mana cost ranges from 0~100, and cooldown ranges from 0~65 and can be modified using other skills.

Buff - gives the player and allies a special effect or a power boost for a limited time when activated. Its activation can be easily interrupted, so it has a very short cooldown. There are also skills called De-Buff Skills that weaken an enemy for a short time. Mana cost ranges from 50~80, cooldown ranges from 10~30, and buff duration ranges from 3~100.

Special Active - has a special skill image when activated. The damage is relatively powerful, so it has a very high mana cost. Most Special Actives cannot be used in a combo, but there are some that can. Special Actives have a very low chance of being interrupted as character gained invincibility frame, but if it is, its mana will not be refunded and its cooldown will start. Mana cost ranges from 35~300 and cooldown ranges from 5~30.

Currency Support Skill -as we said above, the Elsword ED plays important role in the game. With the development of story, your journey will be full of risks and myth. How to avoid unnecessary dangers? How to reach a high level among your friends? Pay attention to the currency system. Buy Elsword ED on safe website can obviously help you become a true hero.

Locked Skills - require completing a quest to be unlocked. After completing the quest, Camilla gives the player a skill unlocking book that can unlock a certain type of Locked Skill. Due to this downside, they are usually stronger than most skills. Once unlocked, it can become a Passive, Active or a Special Active. There are four locked skills for every character: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert, unlocked at level 30, 40, 45, and 60, respectively. The higher the Seal Level, the harder it is to unlock.

Chain Skill - Exclusively for Ara, she is able to 'cancel' a skill and resume it with another skill. A chain skill has four skills in it. If the skill succeeds, she will perform the fifth skill, which is not available in her skill tree. Royal Guard and Noblesse are also able to use Chain Skill, linked a skill each performed by Lu and Ciel, and resume it by performing a Combination Skill.

It is worth mentioning that there will be more helpful skills or tips to be applied effectively. In addition, everyone has different purposes so that you can choose to make various methods mixed up to get better results. What’s more, you’d better follow the latest tendency of the game, which help you understand the whole story clearly. Last but not least, collect a reliable list of game items gold.raiditem. Once you want to buy Elsword ED, you will save much money and time.