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As a professional Elysium gold selling site

  • 2017-05-08 17:45:20
  • Anathema
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Part of the World of Warcraft community as a whole (not just private servers) feel that we are pirates and have shady practices. However, no matter what filter they attempt to put over their perception of us, we only have one motivation: To restore and Elysium grow passion to a game that we love, and that many thought to be gone forever.


Show the world that we are a community and support each other. Nothing will be accomplished through show of strength or base insults. Discuss and explain Elysium Gold your interests in ways that upbuild instead of tear down. Here as a Professional Elysium gold selling site While criticism is good, it is constructive criticism that is the key to success. The community is big enough for us to coexist but it would be better to exist united. We hope moderators of such discussions, (whether it be social media, a guild, or another server project) and enthusiasts will take this message at heart. We want to abide by the game’s creators by any means we are able in order to show good will, which is why we are taking these steps. However, despite this stance, shutting down is not an option until real action is taken on their part to create Legacy servers.

The environment within the game is wonderful, and is one of the key points to why we are so passionate about it. Fun, polite, social, and yet we find a completely different environment on social media. Some members of the community take it upon themselves to slander other organizations who are trying to reach the same goal as us. They also attack Blizzard, the very entity that we wish to be embraced by in the creation of Legacy servers. So we ask you to be the “bigger man”. 

Our gold is farmed genuinely by our in-house member team. The only way we can obtain you as a customer is if you find us in the first place - through the main search engines like Google, or through our extensive gaming network, making us your safest bet when purchasing gold for Anathema gold. Since we are not using any illegitimate ways to promote our gold store, we are not targeted by the Game Masters / Elysium gold. I am sure you can't wait to take part in the game for the major changes.More update news you can visit,we can provide Elysium Gold/Nostalrius Gold and Anathema Gold with best service.