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Elysium private servers of how to earn Elysium Gold

  • 2017-07-20 11:34:52
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After meeting Blizzard last year, there was hope that Blizzard would eventually come around to working with Nostalrius and launch an official World of Warcraft legacy service for fans. That was their goal. Now they’ve realised their actions have done nothing to help their cause. If you want to get the full detailed information, you can check out the official forum. As a trustworthy Elysium gold selling store, we would like to share the latest news for you, just read on!


In response, Elysium is complying with their request and will remoVe all Elysium code over the next two weeks and “all Nostalrius specific data will be wiped” and “all future Nostalrius related data will be denied”. is always here to offer you latest Elysium news and provide awesome safe and instant Elysium gold for players. Elysium has been working on their Anathema code which they say will be “equal to or superior to the Nostalrius core”.

The impatience and terrible decision making of Nostalrius have probably scuppered any plans of working with Blizzard. If you want fast Elysium Gold, our shop is your best choice! 100% safe and cheap Elysium gold is guaranteed! Gold.raiditem provides you with a lower price for Elysium Gold than market. We will check the market price frequently to make sure the price we offer you is the most reasonable.