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Do You Know Elysium New Content Changes? |

  • 2018-09-05 11:50:58
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According to the official website of Elysium, new contents changes are coming this week. These new changes will absolutely surprise you because developers actually make a great change in game this time.


Based on the information know, these new change s include the former realms inside Elysium. And we remind you to buy Elysium gold on our website now to get yourself prepared in advance. Now, let's check out these wonderful new changes below. 

TBC Server

In this server, you can play with your characters and ensure the long-term storage of your achievements. You will also possess the possibility to experience Progressive Expansions on the very same characters, all of your current progress of Nighthaven will be available on TBC. 

Characters Merge

Elysium PvP and Darrowshire will get merged into Nighthaven. You can access your characters by logging in with your old account, you can access characters which exceed the total character limit by changing the realm in the character selection. This way you can access all characters from all realms in a single account.

Burning Crusade Expansion

Elysium will remain online even after the release of Classic. Your achievements won't be lost, on the contrary, you will be able to take those with you on the upcoming TBC realm. TBC may be launched in Q1 2019 as announced last year. The realm will be progressive and will cover all important patches, this means it will be the first "real" progressive TBC server in the history of private servers.

Also, a lot of content is scripted which you haven't seen properly scripted on any TBC server so far. This is possible because developers are not using any public stock core, nor the original Elysium core or any public available pserver core such as the HG core. 

Besides the developers are currently running the last stable revision from July on a public test realm, so you can take a peak and see yourself that we are on a good way to set new standards for TBC servers.

More details will be revealed soon. And will constantly update the latest information for you. Please stay tuned on our website. In addition, you can always get huge cheap Elysium gold on our website at any time when you are in need. Please feel free to contact us for further information. We’d be very glad to offer you help.