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New Skill Trading System of EVE Online

  • 2017-04-25 17:59:07
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We'd like to tell you a good news. Considering many players interest, has developed an unique column for EVE Online. Here you can look through the latest news about the game to learn about the tendency.


At the same time, all items including EVE Online ISK are provided here. Before introduce you advantages of our website, we first show you an exciting message:

"EVE Online" official service on the line recently developed a new skill trading system. Just a few days after the system was opened for players, there were thousands of transactions taking place in the market. According to some international medias’ reports, some rich players even had spent a huge amount of dollars to purchase this system as soon as it was released. They put their money into it to get 100 million skill points. However, this record has been broken in a very short period. A Chinese player called "small fruit", obtained 160 million skill points through a device when the system was just available to players. And “small fruit” once became the first person who got the highest skill points.

An unnamed fan posted skills point screen-shot from "little fruit". The screen-shots was compared with that of other players over the world. This time the role had more than 30 million free skills point. Few days later, the player has given himself the role of nearly 160 million skills into the point, ranking the top of the national service players skill points. According to the previous version, access to these skills usually need to spend nearly seven years of professional training, but this guy just started playing the EVE four years ago.

We know you have been shocked by the above info, and you may be eager for using this trading system. However just like what we have said, it is a little bit expensive for common players. For most players, we can't pay so much money to buy skill points. Well, there may be some simple ways to meet your needs. Yes, would like to give you more comfortable services whenever you take an interest on EVE Online. You Many items such as EVE Online ISK are on sale here.

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