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FIFA 18: What You Should Know Before Its Release

  • 2017-04-13 10:01:40
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After FIFA 17 released for a few month, EA sports revealed their next soccer game of FUT, FIFA 18. And it seems that the upcoming FIFA 18 will create a great sensation due to the new features and changes. The main info we know now is the release date is in the final week of September, and The Journey Season 2 will return with all new storylines and characters,and it will break the Nintendo Switch, and maybe FIFA 18 will not support PS 3 and XBOX 360, which we need to confirm in further. Also, you guys will decide who the cover start will be in FIFA 18. Good news is games will be able to play it as EA play in June.


Before start to play, you need to know these cues to know more about FIFA 18’s new things as well as where to buy cheap FIFA 18 coins. is your best choice!

1. How will it look? Better but not change too much, because it will be powered by the same engine. FIFA 17 was the first game in the series to be powered by Frostbite – which replaced Ignite used the previous year. While graphics took a noticeable boost this year, especially facial and player animations, FIFA 18 will see more subtle improvements as it’ll run on the same Frostbite 4 engine.

2. Free kicks vs Penalty? Will they be the same? We hope EA can address some differences. Penalties won’t change much, but free kicks could see an overhaul. The new “momentum” system that governs the set-pieces is incredibly hard to master and has been panned by FIFA players. As a result, we’d expect this to revert back to the more “traditional” shot power and curl mechanic. The system works wonders for penalties, though – allowing for much more control over shot placement and power.

3. Will make use of VR? At present no, because EA Sebastian Enrique told Trusted Reviews “haven’t found something that beats the experience when you have a controller in your hands”. Many gamers hope VR will take the place of controllers, but it seems it won’t release within the short time. Although most of us consider that FIFA on the PS4 pro is a perfect patform for push the VR use into the mainstream, FIFA 18 will not us VR. Where VR could be implemented, though, is through a camera angle – perhaps exclusive to PS4 / PC versions.

4. Best Features? Except for the return of The Journey Season 2 and AI tweaks, Dynamic weather will feature in FIFA 18. Need For Speed (2015) and Battlefield 1 -are both powered by the same engine and make use of unpredictable in-game weather systems. Speaking to Metro last year, EA DICE’s Patrick Bach explained why weather is so much more than just a “pretty effect”.“We often talk about these different dimensions in Battlefield, where you have the rock, paper, scissors and then you marry that with the destruction and you create unpredictability from different angles. And with the layer of weather we actually change the way you play in a very drastic way,” he said.

Anyway, it is too early to make some prediction about FIFA 18. There are still a few months away from the launch of FIFA 18, and EA will definitely reveal more details about FIFA 18, keep close! FIFA 18 coins with most competitive price and secure delivery is offered at! Highly recommend you buy FIFA 18 coins to from the most reliable site to enjoy the best service!