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  • 2017-12-11 14:31:10
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A lot of players don't have a systematic understanding of UT, and a lot of them are just playing the game to earn gold, it does an effect way, but it's very slow. The most helpful ways to earn fifa 18 coins quickly and easily will be presented below.


 In the game you can buy players and coaches with fifa 18 coins so that you can win more games. You can buy fifa 18 coins on, and it's the best, cheapest coins.

Squad Battles are a Huge FIFA 18 Coin Earner in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

We've got a full guide for Squad Battles in FIFA 18, but the short of it is that taking part in the weekly squad battles can earn you a LOT of FIFA Coins. Each match earns you coins and the better you do the higher you'll rank, and the better the prizes you win will be. Get involved. It's worth it.

Squad Building Challenges Earn you FIFA 18 Coins

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team makes building squads its own puzzle mini game. Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team are added all the time (some with time limits, some without) and task you with building a squad to meet certain criteria. Each challenge includes numerous puzzles, each with its own reward (sometimes tradable, sometimes not) before you earn the big prize for completing the whole challenge.

If you’ve built up a large roster of players you should be able to complete a number of these fairly easily and potentially earn big FIFA Coin rewards or players that can be sold for coins. Putting suitable players for live Squad Building Challenges onto the transfer market should also help you bag some FIFA Coins.

We'd suggest that Squad Building challenges are not as much fun to play as Squad Battles, but they can be played when you don't have access to a console or PC to play FIFA 18. has a lot of surprises waiting for you. Come to our site and buy fifa 18 coins. Many customers have given us high praise for our service and you will very regret if you miss it.