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Final Fantasy XIV: Monster Hunter World Is Coming

  • 2018-07-11 17:11:53
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The Final Fantasy XIV Monster Hunter World event has been announced. In the summer of 2018 Rathalos will come to the game as Raid boss.


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In order for Final Fantasy XIV players to take up the hunt for Rathalos, you must do the following:

Create a character in Final Fantasy XIV

Level up your character to 70

Complete the main scenario quest “Stormblood”

By creating a character in the "Preferred World", new gamers will receive up to 60 major points for experience points. Players can upgrade their character level or jump to the Stormblood extended task immediately.

You can also play a free trial level up to 35 to see if you like Final Fantasy XIV before moving your character to the full game. Then if you also have the requirement of FFXIV Gil, will be your best choice.

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