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FFXIV Preview: The Best Looks From FFXIV Fashion Report - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-08-06 16:23:55
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Since the introduction of the Fashion Report into FFXIV 14, it has become increasingly popular, and FFXIV continues to reward us with new glamour.


If you are a player who likes to dress up, then the latest Final Fantasy 14 update of the Fashion Report will meet your needs. This game is very useful when you are resting. You can go to the Fashion Report to visit Golden Saucer to dress up the challenge. Your score will affect the FFXIV Gil rewards you receive. So, let’s enjoy the following best appearances below.

Republican Medicus’ Chiton

This charm came very late when the entire Patch 4 was launched. However, it looks absolutely amazing. It looks like the soul of ancient Greece. Even with bare skin, there is an academically pleasing appearance. It may be that the intentionally conservative color contrasts sharply with the attractive cut. The exterior has a very distinct angel theme. Most importantly, it has more accessories. The wristbands that look like wings, the golden bronze trim and the headdress give a feeling of blazing heat. Despite this, there is still a certain sense of tidyness for draped fabrics. The exchange of bare thighs into a belt adds to the quality of the avant-garde. Now you can buy FFXIV Items cheap & fast at gold.raiditem to get Republican Medicus’ Chiton! Have fun in the game!

Blackbosom Attire

It has practicality in its dark and wide-brimmed hats. It is very popular that flowers give the witch's hat a soft scent. It looks conservative but has a playful sexy element. The tightened waist separates the shiny body from the countless hem. The full skirt adds to the illusion of the buttocks, and the monotone tones make every detail stand out. It's equally sexy and practical.

Far Eastern Gentleman’s Attire

The embroidered royal blue belt is a unique authority mark, and the customizable silk pane means you can choose the color that suits you best. This model pulls all the different elements of the garment together. It is brought into the waist in a flattering way to ensure that the entire look is not too stuffy.

These looks are well done both in terms of the subject and the body. Whether dating a Necromancer or dating a Greek goddess, Final Fantasy 14 will satisfy you. In fact, a lot of the best charm you can also get through PVP victory, through your general course tasks, and the ecosystem that usually participates in the game. If you are a fashion fan and you are eager to get these fascinating looks as quickly as possible, then you can enjoy cheap FFXIV Items and FFXIV Power Leveling at gold.raiditem.

Patch 4 has been a couture enthusiast’s dream. Of course, if you think that the above is not the best charm or you have a more advanced style, don't hesitate to tell us. In addition, gold.raiditem has been providing cheap and safe FFXIV Items for anyone, we are the most professional selling team with over 10 years' experience so that you can buy FFXIV Items at our website securely and timely.