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FFXIV: The Crossover Event is Now Available -

  • 2018-08-09 11:35:00
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We previously shared the details of the crossover event between FFXIV and Monster Hunter. You can check out that article on our website. Today, we want to remind you that the crossover is finally available. It's time to prepare your weapons and allies to complete this incredible journey.


As your most loyal friend, will reveal the this event to tel you what to expect once you complete it. By the way, if you don't think that you can conquer the monster easily, you can buy FFXIV gil on website at the cheapest price to enhance yourself. It's absolutely the most convenient way. Before that, let's find out what rewards you can get. 

The rewards include lots of rare FFXIV items and costumes. If you really want them, then you'd better make a great effort in this event. 


- Augmented Rathalos Helm (Untradable)

- Augmented Rathalos Mail (Untradable)

- Augmented Rathalos Vambraces (Untradable)

- Augmented Rathalos Coil (Untradable)

- Augmented Rathalos Greaves (Untradable)


Rathalos Whistle- The resonant tone of this whistle carries far enough to summon your Rathalos from his distant homeland.


Palico- You can use item to hire a Palico minion.

Poogie- This little creature is beloved by hunters, though the feeling is not always mutual. You can use item to acquire the Poogie minion.

Don't you think these rewards are truly attractive? Now start your battle with Rathalos if you want to get one. Remember to visit when you meet any challenge in game. We always have huge cheap FFXIV gil in stock for you. Please feel free to enquire at any time. We are very looking forward to hearing from you.