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Final Fantasy XIV Companion App Launches Free For iOS & Android -

  • 2018-08-17 15:19:32
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The official website of the Final Fantasy XIV revealed that the game's Companion app has been launched for iOS and Android. A free version of the app is available now, and the premium service plan will be available for $5.00 per month.


There has been a long wait for the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App. Now, finally, it has arrived on the smartphones for Android and iOS. The players can now use this app when they are away from the PC or the PS4 consoles. With this app, the gamers can finish and accomplish many in-game tasks. In this article, gold.raiditem introduces several features of the Companion App application. Alternatively, you can visit our website to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil cheap and safe.

After launching the app, players enter their Square Enix account information, and designate a character to use for the app. Those who use the app will be able to "register an additional favored destination aetheryte."

Both versions of the app will allow players to sync their friends list and communicate with others through the app. The app will also allow players to use the scheduler to plan events among other uses. The free version also allows players to sort inventory, access the market board, put items up for sale, or purchase items. The app will also feature a login bonus of a Kupo Nut every day, and will also have Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

The paid premium version doubles the saddlebag capacity and allows players to hire an additional retainer. Those with the premium plan will also receive an additional Kupo Nut every day, and will be able to hold more Kupo Nuts.

If players' Final Fantasy XIV accounts expire, chat and other features in the app will remain available for up to 30 days. After the 30-day period, players will no longer have access to any features in the app.

There are several features of the app:


Chat with other players who are using the companion app,your in-game friends, Free Company and Linkshell members, and more! Cheap FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling for sale at gold.raiditem.

Event List

Create, edit, and manage scheduled events, bringing your friends together to take on raids, trials and more!

Item Management

Sort, move, sell, or discard your items with the tap of a button!

Market Board

Items listed on the market board can be purchased by using FFXIV Gil:  Kupo Nuts can be obtained as login bonuses and Mog Coins are available as in-app purchases.

*Please note that access to the market board via the FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion app is not available while logged into the game with the associated service account.

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