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Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Shadowbringers Release with New Surprise

  • 2019-06-24 17:20:28
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Good news! According to the official website, FFXIV Expansion Shadowbringers is coming next week. The Expansion isn't just going to bring players another fifty-odd hours of story to chew on, but overhaul a lot of the popular MMORPG’s fundamentals, new story, new challenges and new systems.


In order to accompany the launch of Shadowbringers early access, as well as the release of Patch 5.0, the developers will be performing maintenance on all Worlds from Jun. 27, 2019 2:00 am to Jun. 28, 2019 2:00 am (PDT), during which FINAL FANTASY XIV will be unavailable. If you want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil, you can come to the well-reputation game site and prepare enough Gil before this maintenance. Now let’s see more information about the new Expansion Shadowbringers.

New Jobs

We’re expecting two new jobs to be added to Final Fantasy XIV with the Shadowbringers expansion. The first one, Gunbreaker, was revealed at the European Fan Fest in Paris. A few months later, Dancer was revealed as the second at Tokyo Fan Fest.

Shadowbringers gunbreaker job
Role: Tank
Armour: Plate armour
Starting Level: 60 (subject to change)
Starting Location: Gridania (subject to change)

Shadowbringers dancer Job
Role: Ranged DPS
Armour: Unknown (Likely to share ‘Aiming’ gear with Bard and Machinist)
Starting Level: 60 (Subject to change)
Starting Location: Limsa Lominsa (Subject to change)

New Level Cap

The level cap will be raised to level 80.

New Race

Viera: This lithe and rabbit-eared humanoid race will be familiar to anyone who has played Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and the Viera will be a female-only race. 
Hrothgar: gender-locked as a male-only race.These fierce beasts share a few similarities to the Ronso from Final Fantasy X, including the horns we can spot in the reveal trailer. The Hrothgar will be gender-locked as a male-only race. FFXIV Items will help you win the race and enjoy the game.
New Beast Tribes and Primals

the Dwarves, will be found within the First World attempting to summon a Primal named Innocence. That may sound fairly benevolent for a massive magical being, but when you consider that they are also known as the “Sin-eater” it definitely sounds like a job for the Warrior of Light and pals in an eight-player Trial.

Shadowbringers Raids

The new raid for Shadowbringers would be based on Square Enix RPG series Nier.Previous raid content, such as the Return to Ivalice series or the original Crystal Tower, has plundered the depths of Final Fantasy history for inspiration. However, this is the first time an outside universe will be part of the large scale 24-man raid.

That’s all the information that we can share this time.You can visit the game official website to get know about more details. If you need to buy FFXIV gear, please don’t hesitated to contact us. We will try the best to help you.