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"Final Fantasy XIV" Monster Illustration

  • 2017-04-27 18:34:59
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This year, the MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV " has released its 3.4 version:Soul Successor. There are massive contents about it online. has updated latest news of the game. According to the official sayings, Dragon- Poem War comes to the ending. And new roles and crusade are added in the game. Here we will take a look at some monster roles in the game.


Giant Elephant:
Giant elephant is made of clay or stone. In the game, you can buy FFXIV Gil to update it. This monster has unbelievable magic which gives it temporary vitality. There is a story recorded in ancient books that only when the chaos appears because of natural law, the magician was able to obtain the ability to create giant elephant.

Headless knight:
Headless knights are usually considered a kind of giant elephant. They are like knights due to bodies equipped with helmet. But no one knows when and why they have helmets. But there is a rumor that these helmets can be used for lock one's soul. That is, anyone wearing these armor can't get completely liberation because the soul has been trapped in the steel cage and can never get out of that.

Players usually purchase FFXIV Items to support this role which has a mysterious background. Mandela first appeared in front of the people after the seventh spirits. No one knows where it comes from whether it has already existed before the catastrophe. Some people speculate that these small plants like monsters are conscious. However this point still need further study to confirm.

Flying dragon:
Flying dragon is a muscular reptile. It uses a huge membrane to fly quickly. Flying dragon is dragon's relatives, but they are smaller. In the dragon class on Iraqi Gade, this kind of dragon can give continuous attack. In a team, it usually serves as offensive striker. Besides, the flying dragon can be given more attack force by buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Apart from these monsters, there are still others unveiled here. And we know the introduction has arisen your concern about the new version. New roles will gradually leap to the eyes with the new expansion's release.