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Gold.raiditem: FFXIV Patch 4.2 - Rise Of A New Sun Details | Buy FFXIV Gil Now

  • 2018-01-22 18:26:44
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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s new update titled Rise of a New Sun is now live! Today will share the new changes and features with you. In the patch 4.2, you are able to expect the usual host of a new raid wing, dungeons, and smaller features! Also, it brings some heavy nostalgia with it. Let’s get the more information here.


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Now you can read the patch 4.2 as below:

More main story, getting into increasingly complex political territory.
1 new raid, continuing the Omega story arc and featuring iconic enemies from Final Fantasy 6, including a possible cameo from a certain evil clown, if the trailer is any indication.
2 new dungeons: Hell's Lid (an Oni-filled mountain full of lava and Japanese-inspired monsters) and a return to the Fractal Continuum, freshly re-stocked and full of new suprises and old Allagan technology.
1 new Trial boss fight; Byakko, the Tiger, first of the Four Lords.
More wacky antics with bumbling detective Hildibrand and friends.
A new Beast Tribe to befriend and do quests for in exchange for unique gear - the snake-like Vira clan.
A new PvP arena map and some major revisions to PvP rules and match format.
A new cosmetic outfit system, allowing you to convert gear into costume pieces at inns, and create whole outfits that can be switched at will without bloating your inventory.
Fashion contests over at the Gold Saucer, so you can strut your stuff on the catwalk and perhaps earn some prizes for your impeccably stylish use of the new costume system.
Underwater adventures: Companies (guilds) can now build themselves a submersible workshop, and construct advanced and customized submarines to take on adventures to loot-heavy caverns under the sea.

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