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FFXIV: Have A Look at the New Content Coming in Patch 4.3

  • 2018-05-11 11:30:18
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Hey, guys! According to the official website, some new contents will be added into Patch 4.3. Are you expecting for this new patch? Today will bring the detailed content to you, you can pay attention to your eyes on this article.


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1.Under the Moonlight - Main Scenario
The arrival of imperial envoys in the land of Doma was as unexpected as their stated purpose: to negotiate peace. Lord Hien, eager to secure the release of his conscripted countrymen, cautiously accepts the agreement, and arranges for a prisoner exchange. Yet even as Doma is poised to welcome the breaking dawn, the shadow of the fallen Zenos enfolds all in darkness and uncertainty.

2.Return To Lvalice - Alliance Raid Dungeon
South of Rabanastre, in a remote corner of the Valnard Sea gapes a fathomless maw that, for centuries, has slowly devoured the world around it: Ridorana. Whether you believe the cataract natural wonder or demon-torn gate to the very underworld, journeys to her edge should be made with the utmost caution, seeing as none who have stumbled into the darkness have ever returned to tell their tale. An ancient spire once used by the Dalmascans as a lighthouse rises defiantly above the churning waters to warn forethoughtful and foolhardy alike. It is into this spire that the transformed Ba'Gamnan has fled. It is into this hell that you must follow.

3.The Swallow’s Compass - New Dungeon
Chiseled into the great wall which cuts across the plains of Yanxia, between two of the Dairyu Moon Gates, is the visage of Ganen, the legendary hero who united Doma. The first king of the new kingdom was not only a military genius, but also the founder of geomancy, and so after his death this royal mausoleum became a holy place to which his disciples would make pilgrimage. Alas, following the imperial invasion, it was abandoned and fell into disrepair, yet circumstances now conspire to deliver the Warrior of Light unto these hallowed halls─but to what end?

4.The Four Lords - Side Story Quests
The Four Lords─greatest of the auspices─once fought to defend the Ruby Sea and her people from calamitous forces. Though the Warrior of Light and his comrades managed to save the soul of Byakko, one of these ancient guardians, they are not yet ready to face the threat which looms on the horizon. And so the auspice Genbu considers a rather unorthodox training method...

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