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Fight Against New Monster to Protect the Final Fantasy World-

  • 2018-06-28 17:28:05
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It is unbelievable for both FFXIV and Monster Hunter fans that these two games are going to have a crossover this summer. That means you need to slay new monster and begin a different quest to protect FFXIV world. This is totally a dream come true for those who love both games.


Of course slaying the monsters won't be easy, they maybe enhanced in FFXIV world. You will need FFXIV Items to upgrade. With enough them at hand, it will be easier to defeat monstrous creatures. FYI, if you are seeking for a place to buy FFXIV items, then as the best place to buy them, is highly recommended for its instant delivery and refund policy.

Although we don't have much details about this crossover yet. We know these information for sure.

- The crossover expansion will be launched this summer. Yes, we are already half way through summer. But please be patient, this is worth waiting.

- Characters and creatures from both series will cooperate to fight against the same villain. Maybe there will be some changes about the Monster Hunter characters to make them fit FFXIV world.

- There will be limited-time quests that let you slay Monster Hunter World creatures to get limited cosmetics and more. So preparing enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil is absolutely wise.

- This crossover will only be open to players at level 70 that have completed the Stormblood expansion quests. If you didn't complete Stormblood, it's time to grab your FFXIV Gil and conquer it.

For now, all you need to do is be patient to wait for new announcement. And conquer Stromblood with your FFXIV gear. Don't forget to visit, because we have cheap FFXIV Gil for sale and the latest FFXIV news for you.