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New Info is Revealed about the Stormblood

  • 2017-05-04 17:46:20
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We have known that the new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will release on June 20th exclusively for PC and PS4. Are you look forward to getting new details about the expansion? Three days ago, Director and Producer of the game revealed a lot of new information on Stormblood. And gold.raiditem will show you some important info.


Well, what gold.raiditem can do for you lies in not only news sharing, but also FFXIV Items offering. Now we will release the new messages.

Key Features are Introduced
First of all, we get to see a new piece of lovely artwork showcasing a scene from the new city of Kugane. Secondly, the key characters in the story of the expansion have been introduced. There's certainly plenty of waifu material here. Especially Gentiana and Yotsuyu looks charming. Interestingly, it was also specified that Gosetsu is a roegadyn as some had doubts about that. He's more similar to the hellsguard tribe, even if roegadyn from the far east are different.

New Housing Area for Visiting
The new housing area of Shirogane will be available for visiting since the launch of Stormblood, even if lots won't be purchasable immediately. The option to move from your current house will appear as soon as you initiate the purchase of the new land. Moving will let you transfer personal rooms, company chest, company workshop, and the status of the airship voyage.

New Areas Include More Vistas
The new areas will include 45 new vistas for the Sightseeing Log, included some set in Kugane.
Two new hairstyles will be implemented with the expansion, and developers might consider a top knot for the future if players want it.

New Tomestones Gets Introduced
The expansion will introduce new tomestones (the name is still a secret), with pretty much the same weekly restriction as older ones. All limitations will be removed from level 60 raids.

Two New Mounts Appear in Stormblood
There will be two new mounts well-designed in the expansion: the Falcon airship and the tiger. All current flying mounts will be able to swim underwater, Besides, to meet players’ needs, the ground mounts will be gradually implemented at a later time. And Ground mounts will get three levels of speed. 
Help Ground Mounts Rise Speed
We have mentioned speed of ground mounts can be divided into three levels. Most players hope their own mounts move as fast as possible. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is recommended to use to reach the goal. Among three levels, the lowest is the one we already have; the second will be activated by clearing each area's main story quest, and the third will have an additional requirement.