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How To Unlock And Collections GW2 Roller Beetle Mount

  • 2018-07-10 18:12:01
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The Roller Beetle is a mount released with the Living World Season 4-Long Live the Lich. This is the first new installation since the release of Path of Fire. The Roller Beetle is a quick installation that can be used to traverse the terrain in a short time by using the Enhancement (Spacebar).


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1.Completing Forearmed is Forewarned story instance

This is to unlock the High Roller achievement and let you talk to Gorrik at the Domain of Kourna. After that, talk to Sunspear about the tactical diversion step of storytelling. 

2.Gorrik will ask you to complete the Beetle Juice collection next

This collection contains ten items. Nine of these items are found in various locations across the Domain of Kourna. The tenth item is acquired by speaking to Gorrik after collecting the other nine.

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3.Beetle Saddle Collection

This collection contains nine items, however only seven must actually be found. (The eighth and ninth are awarded after collecting the other seven.) These items are found in a mix of both the Domain of Kourna and several regions of Central Tyria.

4.Beetle Feed Collection

This collection contains eight items, the eighth of which can only be unlocked after collecting the other seven. These items are found across Kourna, Tyria, and the Crystal Desert.

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