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What You Should Know About Flashpoint in Living World Season 3

  • 2017-05-09 17:08:29
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Guild Wars 2 official site had released the fifth episode of Living World Season 3 named Flashpoint last week. Included in Flashpoint is the second to last chapter in Living World Season 3 and lays the foundation for the finale. Don't worry if you do not know more about Flashpoint. You can get more details from this post.


Maybe many players are enjoying the Guild Wars 2 with the new episode. And Guild Wars 2 Gold EU must be necessary if you want to play the game better. Players get to experience the wild a vibrant new map Draconis Mons, which is Guild Wars 2's first ever fully underground zone. Draconis Mons sits beneath the molten core of the Ring of Fire, with both fertile jungle soil and barren, scorched rock. 

Don't let the underground setting fool you though, this map is massive, with a plethora of nooks and crannies hiding all over the vast volcanic zone. Utilise old masteries and launch yourself through red hot Thermal Tubes, or wield the mighty and mysterious Oakheart's Essence to reach unexplored areas and learn the story behind the volcanic landscape.

The release of "Flashpoint" arrives just after ArenaNet has permanently reduced the price of Heart of Thorns. And we can also know Guild Wars 2's first expansion is also available now from the official site. Players can enjoy the Standard Edition  at $29.99 (USD). And if you purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, you will get a free Level-80 Boost. 

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