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Move Further in Guild Wars 2 With These Useful Guides

  • 2017-06-13 18:42:23
  • Guild Wars 2 Gold EU
  • gold.raiditem

​ All the Guild Wars 2 players must know the first thing they should do is to create a hero. And your hero can explore the whole world of Tyria along with other players in the game. Of course, every player wants to level up his character faster than others. Now, here are some top free Guild Wars 2 guides that can help you.


Your hero is the whole reason for playing Guild Wars 2, it will level up, join in on world events and maybe even join a guild. At the bottom center of the screen you will find your main ability bar and health. And Guild Wars 2 Gold EU must be helpful to level up effectively. This is where most of your attention will be focused, along with the main screen of course. Certain classes will have different sections down the bottom, for example the Mesmer has three dots to signal how many illusions they currently have active. The Guardian has a row of boons they can cast to help them fight enemies. 

As you explore the different areas of Tyria you will stumble upon events. These are fun, sometimes challenging, tasks that you can complete. They generally consist of killing more difficult enemies, defending an area, capturing an area, collecting materials, or something else along those lines. These events are a great way to rack up experience points for leveling. You'll earn experience for killing enemies and for the completion of the event.

If you chose to participate in PVP, learn to fight against other people by mastering your class and skills, capture points and hold them to gain your team points, and learn to play Stronghold which pushes teams to kill opposing teams' lords by breaking into their keep with the aid of door breakers and archers. 

Edge of the Mists allows you to run with a commander and an army of people to fight against others and capture objectives. It's similar to PVP where you hold objectives to give your team points and Tomes of Knowledge can be earned to grant a PVE level. It's also worthy to note that PVP and WvW each have reward tracks that can grant other great rewards as well!

Whatever, hope you can enjoy your game time with these top free Guild Wars 2 guides. And many others games guides also available at gold.raiditem, such as Blade and Soul guides, Diablo 3 guides, etc. BTW, don't miss our site if you want Guild Wars 2 Gold EU. Cheap price and safe delivery is guaranteed!