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Ultimate Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guides You Should Try

  • 2017-07-10 18:03:55
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No matter which character you choose in Guild Wars 2, you need to know some crafting guides. Because crafting is the process of turning component items into equipment or consumables. Feel free to check some top free crafting guides in the following contents.


As we all know there are eight different crafts in the game and have a total of two active crafts. The first significant change in the crafting system is player can level all crafts. The basics of the crafting system is easy enough to understand. The player starts with basic component pieces and recipes for them. Some crafts will also include a simple recipe for a completed item from the craft, a pair of pants for instance. Without doubt you also need to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold EU for leveling up. 

Fine crafting materials are special items that drop from enemies or get crafted later using these dropped items. These items grant the stat bonuses on a completed item. This system gives the player the ability to control the stats that go on the players equipment. This allows for player customization on a whole new level to suit the player's play style. This is the basics of the craft system in the game.

Players can get recipes that build on the fine crafting components in the early stages of crafting. And these new items are symbols. These symbols become the fine crafting component and use he previous outlined fine crafting components to construct the symbols. Actually, it is easy to discover new recipes. You can construct two basic components and then craft one of these symbols if you follow the basic of the previous outline to craft a pair of pants. 

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