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Great Rewards Await in Guild Wars 2 Sixth Anniversary-

  • 2018-08-29 11:44:01
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It has been sixth years since we first know Guild Wars 2. It's absolutely a big event for everyone who concerns Guild Wars 2 that the sixth anniversary is in progress. In order to celebrate the meaningful anniversary, special events are underway in Guild Wars 2 world now.

article will share all details of these events with you. In addition, you can buy GW 2 gold on our website without registration to prepare for all these events. But you can do that after you know what you need in events. Please check the details out below. 

Free Anniversary Gifts

If you've upgraded your account with Guild Wars 2 or you've purchased the core game in the past—you'll find some free gifts waiting for you in the Gem Store. The Customer Appreciation Package contains a Black Lion Chest and Black Lion Chest Key. Use the Novelty Selection Box to get a head start on filling up the brand-new novelties tab in your wardrobe.

Emblazoned Dragon Throne and Dragon Emblem Balloon

Add these two new novelties to your wardrobe and let everyone know you're celebrating. Fly the Dragon Emblem Balloon until you're tuckered out, then take a seat in the luxurious Emblazoned Dragon Throne.

Sixth Anniversary Chest

Some special items for the anniversary is updated in the Black Lion Chests. You can now get these items by your Guild Wars 2 gold. And we make a list of all these items, please check them out below.

1 Equinox Weapon Collection: Time passes and seasons change under the moon and stars. Hold them in your hands with this dignified collection of weapon skins, now available from Black Lion Weapons Specialists for one Black Lion Claim Ticket apiece.

2 Mini Brown Springer Kit: Rabbits may multiply quickly, but springers are more advanced—just combine them in the Mystic Forge with some Unidentified Dyes to obtain a quantifiable collection of springer kits in assorted colors and styles.

3 Springer Kit Backpack: Traveling with one springer kit is acceptable, this tiny springer is happy to ride on your back and looks forward to returning the favor in time.

4 Mini Exo-Suit Mounts Pack: The Exo-Suit Mounts Pack is back in stock and on sale for a limited time, and now you have a chance to find a matching set of miniatures in Black Lion Chests. 

All details of celebration event are revealed above. hope you can have a great time. Please contact us st any time if you need GW 2 gold. We can offer you cheapest price with instant delivery. Further information can be found on our website.