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The Highlights of "Long Live the Lich" New Features- Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-06-28 17:37:08
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The Guild Wars 2 new episode "Long Live the Lich" is launched on June 26. We can finally find out what will happen in this brand new story. Lots of new features are waiting for us to explore. And they will be revealed in this article.


This new episode will bring players a more dangerous quest and whole different experience. To conquer this episode, you'll need massive GW 2 Gold to upgrade. Becoming powerful is the only option to win. In case you want to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold US, the cheapest and safest GW 2 gold seller is Contact us at any time, we'll be very pleased to help you. 

Long Live the Lich is surely full of new features for players to find out. As always do, we make a list and simple introduction of the highlights for you to save your time.

1.Palawa Joko's evil fort 
The interior area of the fort is a mix of decadence and decay that appropriately embodies this particular lord of the undead.

2.The Roller Beetle
It's the fastest and friendliest mount of Tyria. You can use it to speed over sand dunes, break barricades, knock the Awakened flat, and impress your friends with awesome airborne tricks.

3.New territory - The Sandy Plains of Kourna
The Kourna province sits just south of Vabbi. The landscape here is an initially odd mix of winding roads, sand dunes, vast chasms and open space, all bounded by a wall of Sylvari thorns.

4.New fractal- Deepstone
You can hunt treasure in the chthonic depths of a long-abandoned dwarven ruin, complete with deadly traps and swarms of spiders. Dessa in the Mistlock Observatory is the right place to go.

5.New Legendary Warhorn—Verdarach
The warhorn Verdarach calls upon the spirits of those who died in horrific battles and summons them as vengeful wraiths. When the horn fades back into the Underworld after combat, its grisly attendants grasp for the souls of the newly slain, eager to conscript them into their ranks.

That's all the highlights in this episode. Hope this list can help you learn more about them. If you want to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold US to win your battle, please remember to go to the safest and cheapest website We can offer you the best service. We'll be so glade to be your partner of this glory quest.