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Hay Day Update: Quick Tips for Farmers to Build Wonderful Town

  • 2018-03-26 18:11:50
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So far Hay Day is still the most popular farming game together with another city--building game -Township. Every month, Hay Day will take new features for you to enjoy. The latest update features town slot. The town gives players a new area to play in and the opportunity to gain coins, experience points, and reputation points by filling town visitors' orders.


Anytime, will offer the friendly service for all farmers to buy Hay Day coins with least money. Today, we'd like to introduce some info about town in Hay Day and the big events for this week. It can be unlocked at experience level 34 by repairing the train station located on the farm. From reputation level 3 and up, it lets players interact with the sanctuary. Repairing the farm's train station costs 39,000 coins, takes three days (or 97 diamonds) and awards 39 experience points. After taking the handcar to go to the town players must repair the town's train station and the Town Hall. It is free to repair these.

Town buildings
There are several buildings in the farm (see the map below):

the Eggspress train which brings visitors to the town

the train station to allow more visitors in the town

the Town Hall to keep track of visitors
service buildings to fill visitors' orders

the personal train to pick up visitors from your neighborhood

the book stand and the sanctuary on the far right (not shown on the map)

animal shelters for sanctuary animals

the handcar to go back to the farm

Check out this week's events!
-Monday: Crop boost time (3 crops)
-Tuesday: Production building boost (3 buildings)
-Wednesday: Boat, extra boosters (unlimited)
-Thursday: Fishing boost (ALL buildings)
-Friday: Truck orders, Extra land expansion
-Saturday: Crop boost (ALL crops)
-Sunday: Boat, extra puzzle (5)

*All events start at 8UTC*

You can go to Hay Day's fandom wiki to see more town buildings' details. Meanwhile, keep close eyes on shocking events for this week. Surely, Hay Day coins are necessary and helpful if you want to join the event for more fun catching and more rewards obtaing. Have a fun week!