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Earn The Most Hay Day Coins In The Shortest Time

  • 2018-07-03 18:19:23
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Coins play a very important role in Hay Day, especially when the game farm is just starting to operate, Hay Day coins are needed everywhere.


Players will feel that Hay Day Coins are always not enough. If you want to build materials or plant fruit trees or buy animals, machines and mining yards, a large amount of Hay Day coins is necessary. Since coins are so important, how can we earn the most coins in the shortest possible time?

Planting Corn 

The crop that is most suitable for saving money is corn. Planting Corn That is fast and sells at a higher price, and the soybean sales efficiency is faster!

Planting Trees 

In Coins play, the mass planting of fruit trees is the best way to quickly accumulate gold coins in the early days. When the farm grade is raised to plant fruit trees, you can plant large fruit trees on the farm's open space, and then sell the fruit to quickly accumulate large sums of gold coins. will introduce more useful ways to get more Hay Day coins. Please read on!

See More Ads To Buy Low-priced Goods For Secondary Sales

Looking over the advertisements and visiting the counters of other farms, maybe you can have a opportunity to buy some goods such as building materials, you can also purchase goods that are sold at a low price.

Buy From Gold Seller

It's no doubt that buying Hay Day coins from sellers is the easiest and fastest way. You can search the key word "Hay Day coins" in Google, then there appears a list of gold suppliers, just choose and compare.

Regardless, the above methods can help the players to gain Hay Day coins more easily and quickly. Of course, it takes time and effort. If you do not have enough time, it is also a good choice to choose, we will provide you the cheapest Hay Day coins and the most secure service.