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Lineage II : A Preview of April Events

  • 2017-04-25 15:34:24
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Lineage II is 13 years gold, and the devs team is working on a 13th Anniversary Event. On Lineage 2 forum, the Assistant Producer Neutron gave us a preview of the Lineage2 events earlier this month. Although this month is coming to an end, let’s have a close look at what has been introduced in the game’s 13 anniversary!


Did they really make great adjustments to respond the gamers feedback? Are these new features satisfied with the fans? You can read the original post below to get the details and remember to buy Lineage 2 Adena here to level up faster!


Letter Collector's Event in April

Letter collector's event returns again with new rewards.


13th Anniversary

- On Friday April 28th, Join us in-game on each server to celebrate Lineage II's 13th Anniversary

- Veteran Rewards return on the store with better date ranges.

- It will be changed so that you can claim the reward if you created the character during the entire year.

- Example if you created the character before Jan 1, 2005, you can claim the 13th Year Reward


Bug fixes for issues in Grand Crusade

- Fix to the Olympiad Calculate Rewards button will be addressed soon. Once the button is restored, you should be able to claim your rewards earned in March.

- Permanent Fix to Messiah Citadel Entry requirements, it's meant to be lowered to 14 members but sometimes was changing back to 21.

- Hero Cloaks are not yet removed. We have asked the Development to look into this and provide a way to delete the cloaks from the game permanently if the intention was to remove them in Grand Crusade.

- Additional fixes will continue to roll out over the coming weeks and months as we triage through any reported issues.


Dragon Boss spawn time during the event

- In the current event, Raid boss spawn time is decreased by 50%

- Last year, the observation was that the Dragon Bosses would respawn every 5 days

- This time, the Dragon bosses were respawing 1 day earlier every 4 days instead

- This resulted in confusion on which is the intended amount of time, we asked the Developement Team to clarify this.

- We have not received an answer to this question yet.


EXP Difficulty for Lv. 106 and higher levels

- In Grand Crusade, the maximum level has increased which expands on the requirements needed to level-up.

- We understand that many have voiced concerns that the difficulty is too great, and I have asked the - Development to look at this and see what their thoughts are on this.


Change to Entry Requirements to Valakas and Antharas

- In Grand Crusade, the Dragon bosses have been changed so that only 1 Command Channel can enter, but there were no other changes made to the rules. This has resulted in not a very interesting tactic to leave dead characters near the Portal Stones and whoever clicks the button faster can enter.

- We are changing the entry requirements so that you need at least 35 Living members of the Command Channel to enter. We intend for the Dragons to be a end-game PVP competitive activity, and you must prove your worth by crushing your foes so that they cannot enter the boss before you, please plan to adjust your tactics accordingly.


From - The Lineage II Team

 From the post above, we can see that Dragon Boss spawn time will be decreased by 50% and some bugs have been fixed. It seems that there is temporarily no the 13th Anniversary event on April 28th, tough the development team is working hard on it, but the veterans players will obtain some rewards. Think Lineage 2 Adena is too expensive at the official store? Come to to find the cheap one. We offer you Lineage 2 Adena for all the servers at lower prices than any other places in the marketplace. Try it now!