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Madden NFL 18 Coins Sale - 5 Major Changes from Madden NFL 17

  • 2017-08-22 17:54:51
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Madden NFL 18 is scheduled to launched on August 25 for Xbox One and PlayStation4. Compared with Madden NFL 17, there are a few major additions making this version better than the last. Just like Madden NFL 17, Madden NFL 18 coins are very important in the progress of your gameplay.


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 Here is the 5 major changes:
1.Madden 18 Has A Brand New Engine
This year’s Madden ditches the Ignite engine that has been powering previous versions of the game in favor of the Frostbite engine.

Frostbite is the engine EA has been using to power the Battlefield series and now it’s coming to Madden. Much improved visuals are supposed to a mainstay of the Frostbite engine but we don’t see an astronomical improvement with this version.

Hopefully by making the jump to the newer engine it will result in even more impressive visuals with the next installment. It just doesn’t seem like the graphical improvements are as obvious as they were with FIFA 16 and FIFA 17.

2.Madden 18 Will Not Be Available On Last-Gen Consoles

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise but Madden NFL 18 will exclusively be available on the Xbox One and PS4.

The series has been available on Xbox 360 since Madden 06 while the PS3 has had every entry since Madden 07. While this is an end of an era, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise and the writing has been on the wall. The last-gen consoles are definitely starting to show their age.

The switch to the new engine could have impacted the decision to drop last-gen support as well. We hit the ceiling on the last-gen consoles and the Frostbite engine likely would not have performed well on the last-gen consoles.

3.Longshot Story Mode
Madden NFL 18 is different from its predecessors in that it includes a brand new storyline build from the ground up for this game.

The mode is called Longshot and it will follow high schooler Devin Wade’s journey as a football player all the way to the NFL. Throughout the journey players will make choices that shape the way the story will play out and even features multiple endings.

Whether you’ll want to replay it remains to be seen but know that you could plow through the whole mode in a day or so.

4.The Mobile App Directly Ties Into Madden 18

While the Madden Mobile game typically made for a fun addition to the core Madden experience, it never had much staying power.

With this year’s version we have a direct tie-in with the console version. If you download the Madden Mobile app you’ll be treating with a prequel mode to the full-fledged Longshot story mode.

While it isn’t as robust as the console version you will still get a good taste of what to expect with the console mode. Madden Mobile gives players the chance to play out Devin Wade’s high school career and experiment with the branching stories. If you’re a fan of the Longshot story mode you should give the mobile version a try.

5.Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Has Co-Op

For the first time ever MUT will give players the ability to play co-op with their friends. However, it isn’t co-op in the sense that you’re probably thinking of.

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