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Basic Guides for Obtaining MU Legend Pets - Buy MU Legend Zen Cheap

  • 2017-11-13 15:45:14
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  • buy MU Legend Zen
  • gold.raiditem is your best option if you want to buy MU Legend Zen cheap and safe. When you play MU Legend, pets are will offer your character with helpful stats. You will get boosts in attack, extra harm, HP and combat power. Only Summoned Pets have their basic stats applied to your characters, so it's critical to take that into account when deciding which pet you need to summon.


You can register only 1 Summoned pet when you start to summon pets. Pets are readily available within a array of species, and you can locate a range of kinds, which includes Beast, Standard, Assistance and Insect. Every single form of pet also has distinctive stats. Insect pets have stats such as "Plant Added Damage", "Insect Further Damage" and "Insect Damage Reduction". MU Legend Zen is the main item while playing the game. sells full stock of MU Legend Zen at the lowest price. Safety and instant delivery are offered. 

Summoned Pets and Companion Pets 
Once you've obtained a pet, open the Inventory > Premium Inventory and right-click around the pet for rapid registration. Press hotkey [U] to access the Handle Pets window and view the pets you've registered. You then add them as a Summoned Pet or possibly a Companion Pet. 
Summoned Pets and Companion Pets are diverse to one another. Though Summoned Pets follow you about and grant you their basic stats, Companion Pets usually do not grant you their stats and keep hidden from view. Instead, because the sum of their combat power increases, you will get further stat bonuses.

Use other pets as material to growing pets.
You could develop pets to increase their combat power and fundamental stats. Register the development pet first, then register the pets you want to use as material. Pets are grown employing the EXP calculated in the grade and degree of the material pets. The star rating in the pet will adjust after it really is grown. As an example, a Tier 1 ?0 Igrit Pet will turn out to be a Tier 1 ?1 Igrit Pet. Magic Gems and Zen are also necessary for growth. Magic Gems are largely obtained inside the Magic Gem Mine, and you are going to earn lots of Zen from hunting, quests or .

Obtaining pets: Get pets from Fabrice's Garden. 
It is possible to get pets from Fabrice's Garden in the Area of Duty, Ohrdor. Once you clear the dungeon, you are going to get a cube that offers a random item, and there is a certain chance you may get a pet. You have to be Lv. 25 or above to enter this dungeon. It's only offered as soon as every day, so make sure to get as several pets as you possibly can by clearing it daily.

Learn the tips above to obtain and developing the develop MU Legend pets efficiently. You can stay tuned here for more strategy guides for MU Legend and enjoy more fun. More than that, is the most trustworthy website for you buy MU Legend Zen cheap, safe and fast. We guarantee you will enjoy purchasing at here.