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NBA 2K18: Will the My Player Mode Be Beaten By The One Mode of NBA Live 18?

  • 2017-06-20 17:53:32
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Like we have discussed in the previous time, NBA 2k18 continues the player mode firstly introduced into NBA 2K17. Now you get the two titles: NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18. Which one do you tend to support? Or which title do you want to buy NBA 2K18 MT for?


Here gold.raiditem will demonstrate a vivid review that how the two titles influence the game. As a professional game service supplier, we also welcome you to buy NBA 2K18 MT with safety and delivery guarantee. After reading the content below, you may have you own answers.  

Recently, NBA 2K18 successfully arose fans' attention with a series of new cover star reports. But its path never stop. Some people has said that NBA Live 18 follows closely now. Also, EA Sports confirmed that NBA Live 18 would be making a comeback though no latest news about its release date was published. This move has make some confusions because the NBA 2K18 is upcoming. It seems that the two will start a fierce competition. It is worth mentioning that the NBA Live 18 boasts of a new mode that make it able to compete against the competitors. 

Features Added Into NBA Live 18
NBA Live 18 gameplay video is leaked out from EA Play. Though NBA 2K18 take a prominent position in release date, the situation seems less optimistic. According to the report, NBA Live 18 aims to keep up and comes back with a new mode called The One which is said to be similar with My Player mode in NBA 2K18. It may be a myth that how will EA get a balance between the two.

Reportedly, not only the NBA 2K18, but NBA Live18 is also planing to achieve customization for the career mode in game. Besides, The One mode may attach great importance to create a non-NBA leagues. Once this move is carried out effectively, players will be able to play with friends and build credibility. 

Jimmy Butler in NBA Live 18
What's more, some NBA stars like Jimmy Butler also appears in NBA Live 18's screen of gameplay. All we know the celebrated will influence game's development in a way. So at least at present, NBA Live 18 looks a promising one. 

But 2K sports has run NBA series games for a long time and has a rich experience of gaining fans support and creating a hit. That's why so many players buy NBA 2K17 MT for game play and help NBA 2K17 one of the best selling games. Combining all features of NBA 2K18 revealed, the game itself indeed catches people eyes. Meanwhile, some notable figures has become its cover stars and express their expectation for the upcoming NBA 2k18. In all, we are not sure what does NBA Live 18 mean to the game, but we can wait and see how 2k sports will make its response.

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