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NBA 2K18 News: NBA Playgrounds Set Players A New Game Mechanism

  • 2017-06-28 17:28:49
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This week, our beloved game NBA 2K18 has made some new changes and created some original features waiting for our deeper exploration. The most exciting news is that NBA Playgrounds is an arcade basketball game out on Nintendo Switch. That means the game now provides two versus and two basketball matches combined with any of players you like to support.


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And there's little much else to it. You're going to be addicted to basketball matches gradually and hope to see the game's mechanism completed so much. Besides, you may be longer for something out of NBA Playgrounds. In order to make you get familiar with this game further, here we take you to look at something new.

Who's got a match?
Unlike the NBA matches in reality, the NBA 2K18 has the typical virtual game features. Players have huge bobbleheads, jump ridiculous heights, and gain a power-up after scoring a few times or performing tricks.The controls are quite intensive though.

I'm not a fan so don't know an awful lot about basketball, and as a result it took me a while to get used to the controls. They're not very intuitive.If you're like me and don't really know what's going on, your first few matches will likely be a fumbling mess as you pass the ball about and desperately try to grab some points. That's easier said than done though. To score, you have to press and hold Y, releasing at exactly the right moment to get the right combination of power and accuracy.

Yes, it turns out to be a cool system. But sometimes we need realistic visual feedback from the backgrounds. Otherwise you will feel confused because you don't know why shot given has missed. Especially if you are a freshman and decide to play the game for the first time. You should make a good use of the bar with a greenn bit which will help you a lot.

What's going on?
If so, a new problem will appear. With the problem getting serious, you may lose the fantastic experience. But yo should keep with patience as it's not clear what's going on. Yo may want to ask  why did that your swipe miss the ball that time? What do the power-ups actually do? But all these questions to be answered need enough time.

It's not so difficulty to understand the NBA Playgrounds. You can imagine it just feels like a half-baked experience that's lacking in content and essential features. Additionally, you must admit that you can't get any funny point before you really know what you are doing at present.

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