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NBA 2K18 Release Date Revealed and Preorder's Bonus Unveiled

  • 2017-07-06 16:01:04
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Dear NBA 2K18 fans, 2017 is really a golden age for 2k Sports as well as those who love basketball game. According to the latest news, NBA 2K18 will finally arrive on September 19, 2017. The game will be available for a wide range of platforms including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. No doubt that NBA 2K 18 MT is still the premium currency for you to experience the exciting game.


It is worth mentioning that there will be other versions for players after the most standard edition is released. Just wait a couple of months, you will see the special editions. Now you need to pay attention to the pre-order details and the relevant bonus with it. In addition, don't forget to learn about the NBA 2K18 MT bonus on gold.raiditem.

Along with the standard bundles, the preorder packages for NBA 2K18 provides extra goods to make players get their copy ahead of the September launch. So what's the preorder bonus? How can we get it easily? Just read the following details carefully.

The Early Tip-off Edition:
If someone likes to pre-order "NBA 2K18," he will get the Early Tip-Off Edition of the game. And this edition adds more bonuses to preorders, which are yet to be made available as of this time. This includes four days of early access to the basketball simulation title starting on September 15, 2017. Besides, 10 weekly MyTeam packs and the Kylie Irvine MyPlayer will also be special gifts for players. Remember what we have mentioned here will be on multiple platforms except for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Legend Edition:
The players also have opportunities to obtain the Legend Edition which surprisingly contains 100,000 virtual currencies, Shaquille O'Neal's Attaq shoes, rookie jersey, a championship ring, Official logo shirt, and Nickname Jersey. These go together with the guaranteed Shaquille O'Neal card for a complete in-game representation of the basketball legend. Twenty MyTEAM card packs, as well as a random Team 2K Free Agent card, are included. While the physical items won't be contained if you want to purchase that digitally.  

Legend Edition Gold:
Aside from the above bonuses, you can also get the game's Legend Edition Gold. For $150, players can enjoy the digital items which include 250,000 in-game virtual currencies. 40 MyTeam packs featuring a guaranteed Shaq card will be available.

NBA 2K 18 MT Purchasing:
All we know the importance of NBA 2K 18 MT, but the fact is that we seldom find a reliable site to buy NBA 2K 18 MT. There are several online stores, available in the market that brings in attractive deals for cheap NBA 2K18 MT. But most time we hold a rule: more expensive, more safer. However many customers have suffered a lot from the cheats. That's why more than 80% players finally turn to gold.raiditem for NBA 2K 18 MT buying. You will always enjoy the safe guarantee, cheap price, fast delivery and perfect refund policy here.

For your favorite NBA 2K18, we will keep close eye on the latest update to make sure you won't miss any special occasion. Meanwhile, we sincerely advise you to buy NBA 2K18 MT on gold.raiditem. Hope you like our post today!