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NBA 2K18: Inspired by Latest Release, DINY Creates another KOD Artistic Work

  • 2018-04-24 17:09:02
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The creativity and resourcefulness that lives in the NBA 2K community never cease to impress someone. And when you come across the latest in game creation from Da Infamous NY. If you are a hardcore NBA 2K game and participant in the game's rabid Twitter community, you may be familiar with his NCAA 2K mods that deliver collegiate rosters, uniforms, and arenas–all user-made.


This time, DINY was inspired by the latest release from new-age rap icon J.Cole. And likes to introduce some details about it. And as your trustworthy NBA 2K18 MT provider, our site will give you much discounted offers. The rapper's new album is called KOD and it released earlier in the week with an artistic and haunting cover designed to set the backdrop for the dark and thoughtful release from the baller turned MC.

DINY's creation comes via a PC mod (sorry console users) and you can see a few more of the images below. At center court, we have the cover image from the new album and the entire court is the trippy, purplish color that you'll find on J.Cole's album. If you have the game on PC and know how to use mods with the title, you can go to DINY's website to download this creation.

This is obviously not the kind of arena or court you'll find in a 2K-generated design, for obvious reasons, but it's undeniably cool nonetheless. NBA 2K18 is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. If you have never played this game, just have a try and share your opinions about this game. Meanwhile, welcome to buy NBA 2K18 MT at gold.raiditem where you will enjoy 100% professional service and instant delivery. Don't hesitate to get cheapest in-game items on our site with safety guarantee.