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NBA 2K18 Badge System Guide -

  • 2018-06-25 17:43:30
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NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation video game. All the current teams and players, amazing graphics and several thrilling game modes make NBA 2K18 one of the most beloved sports games worldwide.


The NBA 2K18 badge system is pretty great at letting you work on certain aspects of your game and letting you inspire your personal style. As many players know, is the most popular online game market for selling the cheapest NBA 2K18 MT. Now we will help you earn all the badges in NBA 2K18. 

One of the biggest changes this year in the badge system is how you get the badge system. In last year's game, the requirements of the badge were hidden in the game. In NBA 2K18, most of them are very transparent. There are several reasons why this is awesome. It allows players to feel the urgency of how they spend their time and to diversify their player base. Now you can do more than one thing, and you can be rewarded. You are only spend less time on your unwanted allowances, and you can focus your laser on what makes you want to be a player.

There are several reliable ways to get badges quickly:

1.Work on your game by practicing and mixing in an exercise gym.

2.Using MyPlayer in various modes.

3.In the past, when trying to get a badge, you had to work on specific aspects of the game and complete a series of operations. This time you need to do the same task, but reach a certain number of goals.

Bronze badges unlock at 12,000 points
Silver badges unlock at 24,000 points
Gold badges unlock at 72,000 points

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