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What Can We Expect the Upcoming Path of Exile 3.0

  • 2017-05-05 17:48:26
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Path of Exile 3.0 is almost there, and all we know is that devs revealed some changes to Damage Over Time system. Gold.raiditem is always providing the latest info as well as the POE Currency in our hot sale. As for the upcoming Path of Exile 3.0, what can we expect?


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First, Horde Mode -One of the most talked about things and many of us would like to see it too and that is a full on Horde Mode. A mode where you are not worrying about the best place to buy path of exile orbs. A mode that is just all about survival, survival and getting some serious kick butt loot! Horde modes are a lot of fun, especially with people you know and we are sure this is something many POE players would have a ton of fun with. Maybe just some kind of dungeon that never ends and the longer you survive the more epic loot you get would work well with POE.

Second, New Weapons - All of us would love to see new base type weapons. Weapons that could change things up a little bit, like perhaps some cool throwing weapons like throwing knives or even axes. No matter what, we hope that there are some very cool new weapons to wreak havoc with! Why not add some POE Gear to help you kill the enemies!

Third, Better Performance - We know some people who laugh when you say that Path Of Exile has performance issues, be it crashing or the FPS dropping so much that the game just crawls along. But the fact is, many players do have some issues with the performance of POE and we hope that these are going to be addressed with the 3.0 update. When a big update happens there is always the worry that the early days are going to be rough and we will have to wait for a patch. We really, really hope that does not happen and that Grinding Gear Games has their stuff together and that the game is ready to rock and roll smoothly on release date.
Third, Maybe A More Epic Feel - Make us feel that if we fail, things are really going to get bad! We think that POE is one of the best games when it comes to its setting and would love to see it expanded on and made even more epic. Perhaps some better writing and more fleshed out characters would get people invested more and stop people just running through the game.

Anyway, this update will definitely bring some big or gentle changes to Path of Exile, and gold.raiditem still provides you with cheap Chaos Orb and POE currency to help you better you gameplay! Please keep an eye here to get more info about Path of Exile 3.0. Enjoy your game now!