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New Minimap Coming to Path of Exile

  • 2017-05-15 16:33:35
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Path of Exile has become more and more popular through its 3.0.0 update. In this update, the expansion named as Fall of Oriath was added to the update. According to the official Path of Exile website, The Fall of Oriath is going to bring minimap to make it easier to navigate through complicated areas. Gold.raiditem as one of the most professional POE Power Leveling sellers would like to share the good news for you.


Do you want to buy POE items to enhance your character in Path of Exile? offers awesome POE Items for players. If you choose us, you will buy Chaos Orb enjoying free Chaos Orb. For example, if you buy 1000 Chaos Orb, ten you will get extra free 50 Chaos Orb. As a reliable Path of Exile Items shop, we are always trying our best to help customers solve any questions. Now let’s preview the map and learn how the map was made.

Three main goals before we updated the minimap:

1. Display all obstacles on the minimap in a clear way.

2. Improve the process of exploring the map and make it easier to completely clear areas.

3. Update the map to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Areas were not rendered on the minimap due to technical limitations such as The Docks have always been particularly hard to navigate because many of the obstacles. In order to address this issue across the board, a walkability layer is added to the minimap that precisely indicates which areas can and can't be traversed. This layer is optional and can be turned off if preferred. However, it did prove to be very useful for navigating certain areas. 

The developer also added an exploration line that shows walkable areas that are yet unexplored. When exploring the map, your character "pushes" this line until it disappears, indicating that the area has been completely explored. This feature creates a significantly improved experience while completing full map-clears or finding specific locations like quest points.

The current minimap has an issue that is its depiction of terrain and obstacles isn't very clear. To improve this, they've taken advantage of the fact that the minimap is pre-rendered as a 2D set of tiles during the process of building the game. This means that we can significantly improve their quality without affecting performance in any way. The result is that we are able to apply high-quality ambient occlusion shading with supersampled antialiasing to make the tile geometry significantly more readable. 

In the minimap, you will get to see what areas you have not walked over, which can be helpful when exploring, looking for items, or looking for certain areas to reach quest specific areas. Besides, we are a trustworthy POE Currency provider, buy Exalted Orb and POE Power Leveling from us enjoying the big bonus. We guarantee that our price is the most reasonable one because we update our price every few hours, 100% safe and instant. Why not have a try?