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Beta Events Schedule for the Upcoming The Fall of Oriath Expansion

  • 2017-06-02 14:05:56
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Dear POE players, Beta Events Schedule for The Fall of Oriath has been released according to the official website. You can win many prizes such as Beta Keys, Demigod's Dominances and plenty of microtransactions! We hope that this beta event can bring more excellent experience to us. Are you excited for it? Whatever, let’s look forward to this beta event.


Gold.raiditem, a fantastic POE Items and POE Power Leveling selling store, would like to share the latest Path of Exile news for you and is always offering safe and fast Path of Exile Items with reasonable price. In the beta, the Path of Exile team plans many types of events such as new race types, larger one-week and two-week races as a well as four eight-hour partial-PvP events. And now we will show the detailed information about the coming beta for you.

Players can obtain some prizes by gaining 10 levels or achieving the event objective in any one race, then you will receive a Classic Mystery Box. In order to receive your free mystery box, you would need to reach level 10 if your event starts at the Twilight Strand. And if your event starts at a different part of the game, you simply need to gain 10 levels above the starting level. In boss kill events, the boss kill itself will enable you to be included. 

Only one mystery box will be awarded per account. Reaching level 10 in multiple events will not grant extra mystery boxes. You can also win other microtransactions for reaching various objectives in the events! The microtransaction winners will be chosen through random selection. 

Week One: Multiple Events
The first set of events is scheduled on Friday 2 June US/EU time (Saturday NZ time) - Saturday 10 June US/EU time (Sunday NZ time). There are 54 events in total that week. Each one will run for an hour unless otherwise specified. In each event, the top of each of the seven classes will be awarded a Demigod's Dominance. Each event also includes Beta Keys and Microtransaction rewards that will be randomly selected from the pool of players who meet specific objectives or level thresholds. 

There are some new race types that we are experimenting with. In Uber Breach, areas contain no monsters, but many Breaches. In Uber Beyond, each monster has a 50% chance to create a Beyond portal on death and there is 100% increased pack size. In Monstrous Treasure events, areas contain no monsters but many corrupted Strongboxes. These new special events are voided. 

Week Two: One-Week Legacy Events
The One-Week Legacy Events will start from Saturday 10 June US/EU time (Sunday 11 NZ time) until a week later.

Week Three: Multiple Events
There are 34 events in week three! These events run from Saturday 17 June US/EU time (Sunday 18 NZ time) until a week later. Each event will run for an hour unless otherwise specified. 

Weeks Four and Five: Two-Week Mayhem Events
The Two-Week Mayhem Events run from Saturday 24 June US/EU time (Sunday 25 NZ time) until two weeks later. 

Get more information about the coming beta, you can view the official site to learn more. This article is a brief introduction of Beta Events. If you like gold.raiditem, please continue to pay attention to us. We always do our best to do better, welcome to Buy POE Items and POE Currency from us enjoying 5% free bonus discounts!