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The Fall of Oriath: What Can We Expect Next Week?

  • 2017-06-23 15:06:56
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Dear Path of Exile fans, as the release date for Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath is approaching, lots of features and mechanics are coming to The Fall of Oriath. We will start the third week of the beta for The Fall of Oriath, what can you expect in the coming week? Now will share the latest news for you.


According to the official, they plan to push Act Eight to next week and update Act Six and Seven with more improvements. As your trustworthy POE items selling website, we would like to bring the detailed information to you. Here are some balance and upcoming gameplay changes, you can check out as followings:

Balance Changes
There will be many adjustments to gems in relation to Damage over Time balance. The Decay Support Gem will do significantly less damage, 50% less damage at gem level 20, and its duration will be reduced to 8 seconds.
Essence Drain will do more damage, up to 25% more at gem level 20.
Deadly Ailments will grant up to 39% more ailment damage and only 20% less damage with hits, bringing it more in line with other support gems.
Unbound Ailments values will be reduced.
More Burning Damage will have reduced damage bonuses.
The Perfect Agony keystone will grant 30% of Critical Strike Multiplier and 30% less hit damage (It is currently by far the best way to build ailment damage, to an extreme degree).
Brutality will grant up to 59% more damage at gem level 20, higher than it is currently but it will also prevent dealing Chaos Damage, so will only deal Physical Damage with the supported skill.

The Labyrinth
Next week's deployment will bring a rework of the Labyrinths, which will centre around shortening the experience of the initial Labyrinth and gradually introducing elements up to a full Endgame Labyrinth. It also includes a variety of improvements based on player feedback.

The official previously mentioned "mid-July" as our estimated release date, and given the team's growing ambition (and a desire to make sure problems the community have identified are fixed properly prior to release). It looks like it may be up to a few weeks longer. Whether this means late July or early August is too early to predict at this stage. We'll keep to update the subsequent posts.

New Microtransaction System
The POE team encountered some problems with this upon its initial deployment. As soon as they have a fix, they'll deploy it again. This has been slowed down by various factors like last week's promotional work. So they are working hard to get it up as soon as possible. It will be deployed and working before 3.0.0 releases.

Hideout Decorations and Crafting Benches in Beta
Giving players access to their hideout decorations and crafting benches is another issue we have been working on and expect to have a solution for soon. Hopefully earlier than the microtransaction system issue.

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