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POE: New Unique Items Added into The Fall of Oriath

  • 2017-07-25 17:41:24
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Up to now, there are millions of players to join in the Path of Exile game. Are you a member of POE? As POE fans know, Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath will bring a set of new unique items as per an expansion. So what do you expect in this new expansion? Here gold.raiditem will tell you some new unique items in the Fall of Oriath. Just pay attention to this post.


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1. Speaker's Wreath
The Baron, introduced in the Legacy League, proved to be a very popular helmet for minion builds, and Speaker's Wreath provides another avenue in a similar vein. Accumulating Dexterity lets you become a more effective leader, boosting the attack and movement speed of your minions. But they will need your help to deal the killing blow, leaving an opportunity for culling to maximise your loot.

2. Tinkerskin
This is the first body armour designed for trap builds from the ground up. As long as you can keep tossing traps at enemies, Tinkerskin provides powerful recovery mechanisms and an opportunity to generate Frenzy charges, which is usually very difficult to do as a trapper. Phasing ensures that you can make it to that next pack uninterrupted, and the increased cooldown recovery means you'll always have a trap ready to go.

3. Soul Tether
Soul Tether changes the way your Energy Shield works. Rather than a barrier that protects your life and recovers in between battles, Soul Tether turns your Energy Shield into a temporary pool for the extra life you leech, providing a buffer when you most need it. If you spend too long out of combat, that buffer vanishes.

4. Ahn's Might
Ahn's Might is the second Ahn unique, with a third in the works. Like Ahn's Herritage, Ahn's Might provides benefits for different charge states -- this time, having full Frenzy charges and no Frenzy charges. Ahn's Might works particularly well with Lacerate, but can become a liability if you need another attack as a means of escape.

These above are not all, according to the official, they have many other unique items coming to the new expansion. Just keep your eyes on our site, we will continue to update the latest news for you. Now take action to buy POE items to make your game faster! Don’t forget that gold.raiditem offers big free bonus for you, order now!