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Path of Exile: Build of the Week Coming Back Soon

  • 2017-08-15 14:43:30
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It is an exciting news that the developer Grinding Gear Games will bring the Build of the Week series back in the coming weeks. We know that you must be eager to see it, so we will introduce the series for those who are new, which include what's changing in this coming season and how to submit your build for the series! as a fantastic poe items selling website would like to share the latest news for players.


First of all, will introduce the Build of the Week to let you know what it is. you can find the answer as below. Also, you can buy POE Items from here enjoying 5% free bonus to boost your characters’ power.

1. What is Build of the Week?

Build of the Week is a video series that were first launched back in 2012. It aims to introduce and showcase a variety of builds that use unique combinations of game mechanics. It's always been very popular with the community serves as a great snapshot of where the game was at that moment in time.

If you want to get to know the full playlist of the entire Build of the Week series or you're in need of a light-hearted chuckle, you can check out the blooper reel from last season.

2. The Difference about Season Seven

Traditionally the series has taken a very technical look at how these builds work and discusses them in great detail. This is great for established players, however, for the average or newer player this can make the episodes too overwhelming.

This season the developer will be using an approach that condenses the episodes slightly and highlights the most essential and unique aspects of the build. They hope to make them more informative to the average player while still showcasing the technical mechanics that makes Path of Exile the replayable game that it is today.

3. Submit Your Builds

All you need to submit your build, is a clearly explained build-guide in the appropriate Class Forum. You can submit any builds here, which will be considered for the series! If you're able to post a video of your build, that's also helpful but not required. The developer will be looking for a variety of builds that showcase different aspects of Path of Exile's gameplay. While there are no limits in terms of class, skills and item expense, the developer do recommend being as creative as you can!

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