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Path of Exile 3.0.1 Patch Notes Available Now!

  • 2017-08-17 16:59:38
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According to the official website, the Path of Exile 3.0.1 update will be deployed tomorrow, which will show the Harbinger Supporter packs, additions to the Harbinger League, bug fixes and more! But now we will share with you the 3.0.1 Patch Notes for this update, you can have an early look at the notes. Also, you can buy POE items from enjoying lower price.

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3.0.1 Patch Notes

Added the Portent and Harbinger supporter packs.
Charged Dash has been corrected to have its intended scaling. It now scales up by +1% base damage each level, starting at 90% of base damage.
The Ravaged Square now has fewer Heretical Wards.
All characters in permanent leagues may now request a free bandit respec from Eramir in Act 2 to choose their bandit selection.

Harbinger Improvements:

Harbingers now drop fewer stacks of currency shards, but these shards have reliably higher stack counts. This results in a higher total number of currency shards than before.
Certain currency shards (like Transmutation Shards) now have higher stack sizes, but appear less frequently.
Harbingers now appear more frequently in Map areas.
More powerful Harbingers now appear more frequently. The volume of shards they drop has been increased, and they are also better dressed.
You now need to complete 50 Harbinger End-game maps to complete the "End Game Grind" challenge (down from 100).
Minions spawned by Harbingers were granted a resistance to all damage types that decayed over time. This is now multiplicative with other forms of damage taken. This change means they that can't be trivialised by Wither, Shock and other modifiers to damage taken.
Harbingers are now less likely to enter a state where they don't summon new monsters.
The Harbinger Flame Dash ability now Flame Dashes its minions to your location.
The Harbinger Storm Call-like ability now attaches to the minions, moving with them.
The Harbinger Flameblast ability is now stronger but used less often.
The Harbinger Storm Cascade ability no longer stops at the Harbinger's minion's location. Instead, it will pass through, making it much more deadly for characters at a distance.
Added several new abilities for the Harbingers to use. Be careful!
The Harbingers from Act 6 onwards now have a chance to spawn an Obelisk when they summon monsters. These obelisks have a variety of skills.

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