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POE: Four New Unique Items Are Added into the Pale Council

  • 2017-08-28 14:06:21
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Introduction of the Pale Council

The developer wanted to make the individual chains themselves more rewarding. After looking at some options, they finally chose the best way to accomplish - create four more uniques for the Pale Council. They were going to make four new uniques all coming from the same encounter, so they took the opportunity of making this a visually matching armour set. Even though the stats on the four items would be for differing builds, their appearance would look like a complete armour set. This will be even more pronounced when they receive 3D art!

And they decided the best course of action here was to use them as rewards at the end of the individual prophecy chains that unlock the Pale Council. They now sometimes drop from the final step of each chain, which also accomplishes the goal of making the individual chains more rewarding. The developer also created four unique items that would drop from the boss encounter that were powerful for a larger selection of builds.

Four New Unique Items

1. Inya’s Epiphany
The goal here was to make a unique that benefitted builds that use power charges, which are popular for many spellcasters and critical hit-focused builds. This gave a solid base to work from, because there are a lot of interesting things we can do with charges.

While the boots themselves do not provide a method of acquiring power charges, they reward you for having them up. The unique ability of allowing you to jump to your maximum number of charges is an efficient way to skip the ramp up time some of these builds need to go through. It also allows some interesting uses with builds that want to constantly use these charges, like with Discharge.

2. Volkuur’s Guidance
They designed this item at the same time as we were doing the damage over time refactor. This was the perfect opportunity to introduce the ability for elements to poison, so we introduced a cycle of elemental damage gloves that would do just that. While these gloves also have good stats for any build, allowing elements to poison enables some interesting builds as well. For example, Incinerate’s ability to stack up massive numbers of poison stacks is virtually unrivalled.
3. Eber’s Unification
They decided to go back to a unique that was designed for builds that deal chaos damage. There aren't many sources of chaos penetration in the game, especially on items, so its effects stand out. It also adds a portion of your elemental damage as extra chaos damage, which is just a straight-up damage boost for any build that deals elemental damage. This makes the helm an attractive offensive option.
4. Yriel’s Fostering
The developer chose the fantasy of a hunter with their lone beloved pet. While this is designed to work with any bow build, enabling you to pick the pet that best complements your build, there are a number of possibilities that this armour allows you to explore.

While picking the beasts they were going to allow you to summon, they simply looked to the fight and took the minions that the boss summoned that made the most sense. They also tried to ensure each companion had a unique role. In addition, they added mods on the item that rewarded you for fighting with your pet alive, similar to how Golems give you a bonus while they are active. they came up with a cycle of thematically appropriate mods on the three variants that complement bow skills. The relative power of these mods is also linked to how powerful each minion is by itself.

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