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Sharing from Gold.raiditem: Mind Over Master Sublimation Secrets of POE

  • 2017-04-27 18:40:48
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In the game Path of Exile, players concerns about sublimation of Mind over Master very much. But how we use some equipment and tools to sublimate it quickly and effectively? Here we show you some methods reach the goal.


The following methods are summarized and recommended by Hope these secrets help you a lot. At the same time, we advise you to buy POE Items and use them along with our guides. 
Brief introduction of BD
BD has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages lie in comparatively low cost and good damage power. Meanwhile, it may cause a lot of injury of body as well as quick magic reduction.

Mechanism of MOM:
Mind over Master is also called MOM.When the role is hit, 30% of the damage will be reduced from the magic and the reduction is even faster than that of blood. Under such circumstance, the better way is to prepare more POE Currency to strengthen your equipment and increase game experience points. Well, if your magic is not enough to be buckled, you must make the rest buckled from blood.

If the role clicks the button of “special magic” and “soul of sublimation", it transfers energy from life shield to magic shield. This time if the role get injured, it needs to deduct the magic which first comes from the energy shield. 

Weapons: Crosier full of 30 magic reverberation can give higher spell damage and take more magic bonus.
Breastplate: Breastplate is somewhat like POE Power Leveling. it gets 500 plus life value. And it can catch extra frenzy ball.
Helmet: Equipped with helmet, the role keeps long fighting force and becomes more persistent to get the gold. 
Amulet: Amulet's function is similar with helmet. It helps the role get the gold easier. By the way, if the property is missing, it can also be found on the amulet.
Ring: Make up the attribute.