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Various Currency Use Guide for POE

  • 2017-05-02 18:13:27
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  • Chaos Orb

For many POE junior players, how to use different kinds of currency is a problem. Today we select some useful skills for you to learn about the right methods of using POE currency.


POE takes the small currency in stead of the traditional ones as the major transaction currency. If you often buy Path of Exile Items on, you are easy to find every coin has its special and specific functions. Now practical functions of small currency are introduced.

The items of POE can be divided into four types. According to Official statement, they are  ordinary items, magic items, and rare items along with Legend items. And there is a folk version too. That is, four types include white equipment, blue equipment, yellow equipment and legend.

Knowing usual currency clearly can help you choose proper POE Currency next time and make the currency create great value.

Backing Scroll
This scroll is used when roles want to back to the city and find a place to hide. It is recommended to open a portal when you encounter big boss in advance in game.

Grindstone Austrian Armor 
It can increase the quality of the armor. Ordinary items can be upgraded to 20 level, while other items needs extra 20 to reach such a level.

Glass Marbles
To increase the quality of the bottle, you need to use glass marbles. Ordinary items require 20. Legend and magic bottle require extra 20. That means you must add more POE Power Leveling to the latter bottles if you expect legend and magic bottle to reach the same level.

Artisan Stone
It is equipped with stone slot. And it appears on roles’ clothes and hands with a maximum of 6. The number of one hand is below 3. Well, the number of head or foot is less 4. 

Magic Stone 
The magic stone usually makes a great difference when you search for a map. And if you has known some places filled with treasure, you can use magic stone to feel the accurate locations. 

Chaotic Stone
Chaotic stone is even more valuable than Chaos Orb in a way. It is usually used as a currency to purchase some valuable and rare items. Meanwhile, it can serve as an affix of rare items. Besides, it plays an important role in making of advanced equipment.