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Revelation Online: Great Rewards Await in Bag of Tricks Event-

  • 2018-07-24 12:08:02
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Do you know the famous Prank Master of Revelation? This little naughty creature has lost his beloved purse of pranks. His trick bags have been stolen by someone. Although everyone heats his pranks, you still have to find those trick bags and retrieve them back to Prank Master. He will give you a great reward.


This event is available during July 23 - July 29. remind you to join this event now. Who is We are the most professional Revelation Online coins seller.we can offer you the beast service and the cheapest price on the whole Internet. Also, you can buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins without registration on our website. Please feel free to visit our website. You cna learn more details there. Now, let's check out the details of this event.

Bag of Tricks event is a daily quest chain for level 20 players and above. You need to seek out this Prank Master fellow and investigating why he's suddenly become the incessant target for petty crime. If you hang about and keep your eyes peeled, you might catch someone in the act of stealing his jolly bag of japes. And if you do manage to nab a ne'er-do-well, who knows what delightfully tricky things you'll end up with?

That's all you need to do in this event. Isn't it very simple? Once you catch the person who tries to stole trick bags. You can get a great reward from Prank Master. But there is no details of those rewards now. You need to find out what these rewards are in game. That's the real fun in this event. Remember this event is going to end on this weekend, so you’d better join it now.

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