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Revelation Online: The Colosseum III is Calling On You-

  • 2018-07-27 14:18:11
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Do you think you are powerful in Revelation Online? Are you bold enough to join a crazy battle just to show yourself? If the answer is "Yes", then it's time for you to join this exciting but ruthless fight- The Colosseum Ⅲ.


It's absolutely hard to win this battle. But it can be easily if you seek help from We can offer you everything you need, such as cheap Revelation Online Coins to help you become stronger. Once you are the most powerful one, the immutable glory and endless riches are all yours. Visit our website to learn more. And you are highly welcomed to ask any question about Revelation Online Imperial Coins. We’d be very glad to solve your problems.

This event is available during July 26 - August 7. All those engaged in Battlefield PvP combat will once again be fighting to become a champion of the Colosseum. Actually, the rules are simple: Join one of the active PvP Battlefields and collect points for winning. The more points you have, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll be, and whoever has the most points at the end of the event gets the most glory and the biggest prize. 

Here is a time list of all Battlefield for you. You an join this battle when you are available.

- Mondays: Iron Precipice Blitz (20 v 20)

- Tuesdays: Darkwood Vale (10 v 10)

- Wednesdays: Iron Precipice Blitz (20 v 20)

- Thursdays: Darkwood Vale (10 v 10)

- Fridays: Iron Precipice Blitz (20 v 20)

- Saturdays: Darkwood Vale (10 v 10) and Machinist's Gauntlet (30 v 30)

- Sundays: Iron Precipice Blitz (20 v 20) and Machinist's Gauntlet (30 v 30)

Remember that Colosseum will disappear by August 8. remind you to join this event quickly. You can always get the cheapest Revelation Online Coins on our website. We have your back. So please contact us if you meet any challenge in game. It's our pleasure to help you complete your glorious quest.