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Revelation Online Details: Guild Bulletin Board

  • 2017-05-08 16:47:55
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As we has expected before the coming of Guild Bulletin Board, there are a lot of new features await its players. Are there anything special about it? Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting things you can enjoy is to see you enter a guild in Revelation Online.


What's the Bulletin Board? 
Have you ever bought Revelation Online Coins on gold.raiditem? If so, according to our news column, you are sure to know the bulletin board is an important source of tasks and quests. Owing it, you can get various rewards, experience points, and assistance with building and maintaining your guild base.

What's the Guilds?
Guilds come in many sizes and types. But mainly, It stands for a fun way in which you are able to meet new characters and engage in some special kinds of event quests. In your Guild, it's up to you to do either by yourself or with others.

According to the latest announcement, we know how you'll get these quests via the Bulletin Board. Of course, in the process of doing your task, Revelation Online Imperial Coins deserve your attention.

What's types of the task?
There are four-type tasks of Guild Bulletin Board. And they can be performed a number of times a day as a means of guild maintenance. 

Comfort NPC: this can be done up to 3 times a day. That can help the NPC's of your Guilds so that they will feel fatigued no longer because they won't perform as well if they get fatigued in their tasks.

Construction: You can help with the process four times a day. This will help speed up the construction and get you to a place when your Guild is building something. You can use blue book pages for doing so if you are eager for the rewards of the Guild. 

Exploration: To help expand your Guild's base, you need firstly to look for the proper land to do it on. Once the task begins, you must do it three times a day. If possible, you'd better to pursue a good deal of XP for your time and service.

Guild Challenge: As a random quest, Guild Challenge rewards a lot of experience, pink pages, and more. Gold.raiditem strongly suggests you to finish the task in time. And don’t forget to use your cheap Revelation Online Coins every time you need to upgrade your weapons.

So there you go, some special quests are coming your way via your Guilds. Are you excited? We really hope that all of you can enjoy this new change and do better in your game.