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Revelation Online is Available on Steam, Join Now-

  • 2018-08-08 11:22:25
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It's absolutely thrilling for all fans of Revelation Online that this popular game is finally freely available to download and play on Steam. You can play Revelation Online more convenient form now on.


Based on the information know, all players are encouraged to continue using the GameCenter launcher in order to be able to play with your existing characters since they will be unable to do so through Steam. But your Revelation Online Imperial Coins will not be influenced by this big change. This can help you remain the same level on Steam.

Of course, everyone is welcomed to download and install the Steam client and create new characters in solidarity with the many recruits experiencing Nuanor for the first time, but be aware you will need to keep the launcher and game files updated when wishing to play as your established heroes. If you don't keep them updated, you will need to start form the beginning. And you will never want that to happen.

In order to celebrate Revelation Online's Steam launch, the developers are inviting all players to contribute guides, video and art to help new players better understand the game and all it has to offer! 

Now, it's time to join Revelation Online on Steam. You will find out that it's more interesting and playable. By the way, can still offer you help when you play Revelation Online on steam. It's absolutely safe to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins on our website, and we promise you the cheapest price. Please contact us or visit our website for more information.